Professional Real Estate Photography

The photographs of your home are your first and best chance to engage a potential buyer in your listing. As purchasers click through large numbers of properties, in their location and price range of interest, it becomes essential to provide them with photos that will catch their attention. You may have a fantastic home, but if the pictures don’t grab the buyers interest they are not going to look further; they will click to the next property. As part of my listing services, I engage a professional real estate photographer using press-quality equipment and high resolution imagery to showcase your home. The digital images are then processed by a graphic designer who adjusts hues and contrasts for optimal appeal; the image color is enhanced to bring out the very best in your home.

Digital Floorplans

Digital floorplans are an example of another complimentary service that helps a potential buyer to visualize your home even before they step inside the front door. Using an architectural-grade drafting program, I employ a professional floorplan company to recreate your home in two dimensions in both an online and print version. This helps buyers to assess the suitability of the space, imagine the potential of what renovations/ changes to the floorplan might be possible, highlight special features, and even to help them place their furniture in your home.  Offering accurate, detailed floorplans are especially essential in condo listings where the purchase price is often based on the square footage of the suite.

Magazine-Caliber Feature Sheets

To keep you listing at the forefront of a potential buyer’s mind, the professional presentation of your home needs to continue long after the door has been locked and the client has left your home. When buyers are choosing from among several homes, there is one selling tool that is indispensable – the feature sheet. This brochure not only contains a detailed written description of your home and its’ features that they might not have noticed during their viewing, but also includes a print floorplan with accurate square footages noted and a sampling of your best pictures. This is especially helpful in noting recent updates that might not be visible to the average buyer, including things like mechanical upgrades and the quality of finishes. As part of my complimentary listing services, an accredited graphic artist at our on-site Xerox print facility will create a custom designed and printed color feature sheet for your property of magazine-quality caliber.

Virtual Tours

Virtual tours have recently emerged as the most effective marketing tool in the real estate industry today. Virtual tours are taken by digitally “stitching” dozens of still images together to create a 360 degree panoramic view of individual rooms, floors and streetscapes. With the click of a button, buyers can view and revisit a particular feature or room of your property as many times as they like. At the same time, a hidden visit counter gives a clear picture of how popular your property is among buyers, and how popular it is in comparison to other properties. Virtual tour technology also assists the Realtor is assessing unspoken feedback from a potential buyer; more specific information is also available for interpretation, including at what picture or where in the tour a viewer clicks off your site. Additionally, your listing also benefits from other various interactive features like virtual mapping and automatic uploads to social media which aids in electronic sharing of your listing information, giving your home an advantage over other listings not supported by the same technology.  As an example, I’ve provided you with a copy of a recent virtual tour on the CD included with your CMA package.