Regarded as perhaps the most conventional method of advertising your home, the “For Sale” sign is also likely to be the most effective as well. It lets your neighbors and regular visitors to your community know that your home is for sale, and how to get in touch with me. It also directs them to my website where your home’s listing, virtual tour, pictures and floorplan are accessible round the clock. At your discretion, a sign will be placed on your property in a location that maximizes visibility 24 hours prior to your house coming onto the market. All callers are carefully screened to ensure your privacy, and we restrict access to detailed listing information to people actually viewing the house with a Realtor.

Online Presence

In a market that has been trending towards online advertising for over a decade, the professional presentation of your home online is essential in reaching – and impressing – potential buyers. I am pleased to be able to feature all of my listing on my website located at, which receives thousands of hits per year from potential buyers searching the web. My website is professionally designed, maintained in real-time, and appears on all of my promotional material, print advertising and social media correspondence. Your home is featured among my current listings of available properties, and linked to both and, the two largest real estate websites in Canada. Potential buyers can view your listing along with the virtual tour, pictures, floorplans & feature sheets literally 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Social Media

In recent years, the rise in popularity of social media sites like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and LinkedIn has profoundly changed the way that people interact with each other online, both personally and professionally. With social media users in Canada numbering approximately 70% of the total population, many businesses (including savvy Realtors) now use these sites to “soft-sell” your property by posting information about the listing or the homes location or features as a point of interest to their online database. Much like a For Sale sign on your lawn is used to attract interest from neighbours or people driving thru the area, your online social media presence does very much the same thing; advertises your home within another type of community. By broadcasting this information via the community networks that are already in place, online “word of mouth” advertising is created for your property; interesting information is shared, commented on and passed along to other members of the network. The ultimate goal is to expand your pool of potential buyers by reaching people who may not have otherwise come across your listing, or may not have been in the market at all until your home sparked their interest. As part of my listing services to you, I will work with you to find a social media marketing plan that you are comfortable with, so that these sites can be utilized fully to help sell you home.

Print Advertising

Even with the trend towards online advertising, a large proportion of real estate business continues to be generated through local, regional and national traditional print media. Local print media like The Guardian (Etobicoke), The Villager (West Toronto), SNAP (Etobicoke & West Toronto), The Home News (Etobicoke & West Toronto) and regional publications like The Globe & Mail, Toronto Star and National Post real estate sections offer additional local exposure of your listing. Your home will be featured in a variety of advertising specifically distributed in your local community. Moreover, these publications drive buyers to your listing’s online home, where they can access other digital information about your property. Additionally, with all of these publications now having their own internet presence, inclusion of these properties in the print versions of these publications also garners additional online exposure and search engine optimization.

Realtor’s Open Houses & Public Open Houses

Open houses can offer buyers and other Realtors a more hands on look and feel for prospective purchases than even the best virtual tours. A “Realtor’s Open House” is a tool commonly employed by west-Toronto and Etobicoke Realtors aimed at promoting your home among the industry’s most active agents by giving them the opportunity to review the home on behalf of their pre-qualified buyer clients. Typically held in the late morning or early afternoon Tuesday through Friday, other agents are invited to walk through the home and give their thoughts and feedback on the home. Public Open Houses can also be a great way to expose your home to the local market, held at your discretion and as part of an overall carefully timed marketing strategy. As a full-time Real Estate professional putting your interests first, I am pleased to offer my seller clients complete access to personally-hosted open houses services should they opt for them.

Royal LePage Brand Awareness

Undoubtedly the name Royal LePage will stand out in your mind as one of Canada’s leading real estate companies. Founded in 1913, Royal LePage is the oldest and most trusted name in the country, and to this day remains steadfastly and proudly Canadian as the only national real estate company that is 100% owned and operated by Canadians. As a company, Royal LePage hires and trains only the best and the brightest Realtors who have committed to making the successful pursuit of real estate their full-time profession. Today, Royal LePage has over 13,000 realtors in more than 600 locations across Canada offering the highest standards of ethical and professional service.

Realtor Recognition & A Legacy Of Success

Would you trust a doctor or lawyer that only practices their trade part-time? Of course not – hiring an educated, trained industry leader to sell your home is key to getting the best possible results for you and your family. With over ten years of Real Estate experience and an honors Business degree from the University of Western Ontario, I am proud to be named year after year to Royal LePage’s prestigious National Chairman’s Club which ranks our company’s top Sales Representatives from coast to coast. In 2011, I was especially honoured to be named the #1 Realtor in Etobicoke for Royal LePage, and the youngest Club member in all of the GTA.

When my mother, Carol Nusca, became a Realtor over 30 years ago she brought with her one single “For Sale” sign and the belief that by combining professional integrity, personal service and a strong sense of enthusiasm she could achieve exceptional results. And while our network of clients and friends has grown tremendously over these past decades, that set of core principales continues to guide our team. Today, the NUSCA name remains one of the most recognizable in West Toronto and Etobicoke. I am honoured to stand behind a tradition of professional integrity and excellent service, and proudly extend our good reputation to each and every one of my listings.