24/ 7 Personal Service & Full Staff Support

As part of my commitment to my clients, I make myself personally available literally around the clock to deal with your questions and concerns at any step of the listing or post-sale process; I answer your calls and emails in real-time, anytime! Our office, located conveniently right at Bloor Street West And Royal York Road, is staffed by 6 full-time administrators and a non-selling onsite office manager.  We are open 7 days a week with an after-hours paging service that allows me to stay connected with my clients from the beginning to the end of the listing and buying process. In addition to this, I also employ a full time licensed client care manager, Carol Foderick, whose sole purpose is to ensure that my clients are informed, happy and well-served at all times.

Post-Closing Assistance

Buying and selling real estate is likely to be one of the most stressful business and personal transactions that you will ever make; it’s your money and it’s your family. Long after the showings have stopped and the SOLD sign comes off the lawn, my commitment to our professional relationship continues. From ensuring that your lawyer has received the appropriate paperwork to complimentary “We’re Moving cards” to helping you co-ordinate movers and literally EVERYTHING in between, my assistance to my job is not done until your transaction is closed and you are settled in your new home. Simply put, if you need help with something
I am here to provide it.

Supporting Our Community

Getting exceptional results from your Realtor and feeling good about your choice should go hand in hand. The community where I work is also the community where I live and is where I raise my own family, and because of this I believe that giving back to that community isn’t charity, it’s my responsibility. Sponsoring local school fun fairs, donating to locally-based charities, hosting not-for-profit events, and supporting local sports teams are just a handful of ways that your support of me in turn goes back to supporting our community.

Nosy Neighbor Service & Continuing Client Support

A truly dedicated Realtor who puts customer service at the top of their priority list can be distinguished by what they are willing to do for you when you don’t need their professional services. Curious about what the neighbours house sold for? Have a question about the impact of a renovation on your home’s value? Need a referral to a local tradesperson? I am always here to provide you with the access information that you need to make everyday life just a little easier. And remember, I am never too busy for your referrals of family or friends!